St. Xavier's College, Ranchi aims at an integral and personalized education of the young by providing well planned Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programmes. It strives to produce intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed, spiritually inspired and nationally dedicated men and women in the service of India.

In the context of emerging global, national and regional concerns, there is an urgent need to work for social justice and respect for life and environment.

St. Xavier's College commits itself to the promotion of justice,preservation of the integrity of creation, responsible use of information technology and mass media, fostering wholesome and simple life styles.It seeks, moreover, to nurture transparency and probity in private and public life and to promote national integration. It aims at empowering the powerless and less privileged particularly the tribals, backward classes, women and other vulnerable sections of the society.

To translate the Vision & commitments into action:

The College Community will strive

To set and achieve high academic standards in an atmosphere of autonomy.
To develop Christian leadership of high calibre and integrity.
To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the region.
To stregthen its own faith life.
To engage in research and extension activities related to the development issue of Jharkhand.
To promote vocational and entrepreneurial education.
To involve parents, staff and students in fruitful interaction.
To accord priority to the education of Catholic as well as Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste students.
To function as a critique and conscience of society.

The College aims to enable the students

To set high standards for themselves in every field.
To seek and apply knowledge critically to the solution of contemporary problems.
To think in a creative, fearless and independent manner.
To value and responsibly use their own freedom and respect the freedom of others.
To appreciate and respect other faiths and foster religious harmony.
To be clear and firm on principles and values and act accordingly.
To contribute to the sustainable socio economic development of the neighbourhood, locality and region.
To be sensitive to those in need and unselfish in service.
To set themselves free from scio-economic, religious, caste and gender prejudices and act as catalysts of social change.
To protect, preserve and judiciously use the resources of the earth for the welfare of all.

The Characteristics of Jesuit education

It considers every element of creation worthy of study and contemplation and create a sense of wonder.
It focuses on the total formation of the individual.
It promotes dialogue between faith, culture and science.
Jesuit education is concerned with individual person.
It insists on individual care and concern for each individual.
It encourages life-long openness to growth.
It value oriented
It encourages knowledge, love acceptance of self.
It forms the student's social & cultural analysis.

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