Faculty of Arts
1 Economics Shri S. Choudhary M.A. - H.O.D.
2 Economics Dr. Harishwar Dayal (On Leave) M.A., M.Phil, P.h.D., DHE
3 Economics Dr. Marcus Barla M.A. M.Phil., Ph.D
4 Economics Dr. Vinoy Kr. Pandey M.A., Ph.D
5 Economics Shri Dhiraj M.Pathak M.A.
6 Economics Ms. Sweta Sharan M.A. (Ad-hoc)
7 English Dr. R.N. Sinha M.A., Ph.D.- H.O.D.
8 English Dr. Sujit Bose M.A., Ph.D
9 English Dr. Ashutosh Roy M.A., Ph.D.
10 English Dr. Fr. Nicholas Tete, s.j. M.A., Ph.D.
11 English Mrs. Juhi J. Horo M.A., M.Phil., PGDTE
12 English Dr. Achal Sinha M.A., Ph.D.
13 English Dr. Sumana Ghosh M.A., Ph.D.
14 English Shri Thomas Dungdung M.A., Ph.D.
15 English Dr. Mamta Chaudhary M.A., Ph.D.
16 Geography Shri Animesh Roy M.A., M.Phil., - H.O.D.
17 Geography Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Srivastav M.A., M.P.hil, Ph.D.
18 Geography Dr. Shiv Kumar M.A. M.Phil, LLB, Ph.D.
19 Geography Shri Sandeep Chandra M.A.
20 Geography Ms. Shubhangi M.A
21 Geography Ms. Angeline P.Toppo M.A.
22 Hindi Dr. Kamal Kr. Bose M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt.- H.O.D.
23 Hindi Dr. J.P. Pandey M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt.
24 Hindi Dr. Sunil Kr. Bhatia M.A., Ph.D.
25 Hindi Dr. Meltina Toppo M.A., Ph.D.
26 Hindi Fr. Anup (Temp) M.A.
27 History Shri Ravi Shankar M.A., M.Phil.
28 History Dr. S.N.Das M.A., Ph.D.
29 History Fr. Ephrem Baa, s.j. M.A.
30 History Sanjay Sinha M.A. PhD.
31 Political Science Shri Birendra Kr. Sinha M.A. - H.O.D.
32 Political Science Dr. Fr. Emmanuel Barla, s.j. M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
33 Political Science Dr. Vijay Kr. Sharma M.A., Ph.D.
34 Political Science Mrs. Sumya Maniny Sinha M.A.
35 Political Science Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Pandey M.A., Ph.D.
36 Sociology Mrs Sandhya Bhengra M.A., M.Phil
37 Sociology Ms. Ivana Chakraborty M.A.
Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Management
Faculty of Vocational Courses
Faculty of Education (B.Ed)
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