Department of Political Science (UG/PG)

Shri Birendra Kr. Sinha Assistant Professor H.O.D

Department Profile

The Department of Political Science, St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself not only in the College but also in the city of Ranchi. It is one of the most sought after departments for admission by students in the Undergraduate and Post-graduate Programme. The Department is acknowledged for the discipline and academic rigour with which the classes are conducted throughout the semesters. The academic faculty of the Department have specialization and doctorates on different issues and area-studies which contributes to the enrichment of knowledge of the students. There is a regular and extremely healthy teacher-student inter-face that ensures constant interaction and exchange of facts and viewpoints. The faculty are encouraged to keep the students engaged in the process of learning by adopting conventional and innovative methods of teaching and instruction. The holding of presentations, debates, discussions and organization of field studies, surveys and research on the various topics being taught in class is encouraged. Every attempt is made by the Department to instill confidence and a sense of responsibility among the students by encouraging them to take initiative to organize academic and extra-curricular activities. A concerted effort is made to hone the skills of students so that they become ready and eligible to perform well in the job market. Students are encouraged to opt for a wide variety of career options depending upon their interest and aspirations. Some of the notable areas where students of our Department have constantly been absorbed are universities, think-tanks, print and electronic media, central and state administration, NGOs and INGOs. The Department strives to excel in every field by means of its specific focus on growth and expansion and endeavours to serve the cause of education to the best of its capacity.