Succession of Rectors and Principals

1 Rector Rev.Fr.Nicholos Kujur, s.j. 1945-1948
2 Rector Rev. Fr. Medard Vermeire, s.j. 1948-1952
3 Rector Rev. Fr. Alphonse Schokaert, s.j. 1952-1958
4 Rector Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Callebaut, s.j. 1958-1963
5 Rector Rev. Fr. Vincent Dierck, s.j. 1963-1966
6 Rector Rev. Fr. George Saupin, s.j. 1966-1968
7 Rector Rev. Fr. Phillip Ekka, s.j. 1968-1972
8 Rector Rev. Fr. Francis Crick, s.j. 1973-1979
9 Rector Rev. Fr. Charles Soreng, s.j. 1979-1985
10 Rector Rev. Fr. Beni Alphonse Ekka, s.j. 1985-1991
11 Rector Rev. Fr. Nicholas Tete, s.j. 1991-1997
12 Rector Rev. Fr. Clement Ekka, s.j. 1998-2003
13 Rector Rev. Fr. Nabor Lakra, s.j. 2003-2009
14 Rector Rev. Fr. Vinod Bilung, s.j. 2009-
15 Principal Rev. Fr. Charles Saldhana, s.j. 1944-1946
16 Principal Rev. Fr. Alphonse Shockaert, s.j. 1946-1958
17 Principal Rev. Fr. Walter Proost, s.j. 1958-1976
18 Principal Rev. Fr. Joseph Van Troy, s.j. 1976-1982
19 Principal Rev. Fr. Louis Francken, s.j. 1982-1986
20 Principal Rev. Fr. William Surin, s.j. 1987-1993
21 Principal Rev. Fr. Gilbert D'Souza, s.j. 1993-2000
22 Principal Rev. Fr. Nicholas Tete, s.j. 2000-
Post Date: 08/02/2017
Annual Day 11/02/2017
Annual Day Prizes
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Post Date: 30/11/2016
OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES AHEAD' 24th and 25th February, 2017.
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Post Date: 16/12/2016
Events :3rd International Conference on Environment and Ecology (ICEE 2017) 27th March to 29th March
3rd International Conference on Environment and Ecology (ICEE 2017)
Hosted by: Department of Botany St. Xavier's College, Ranchi, Jharkhand
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