Learning Outcomes

1. The student is prepared to assume an entry level professional constructor’s role as a member of a multidisciplinary team in the construction industry.
2. The student has the fundamental education that will lead to a leadership role in the construction industry.
3. The student has developed an ethical and professional foundation to become a responsible member of society and the construction industry.
4. The student has the fundamental skills in oral and written communication as required to effectively communicate in the construction industry.
5. The student possesses the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to manage the principal resources of the construction industry to include human, material, equipment, and financial resources.
6. The student has a well-developed concept of mathematics and physical science.
7. The student possesses an understanding of the contributions made by design professionals to the construction processes, and can communicate and interact with design professionals within the multidisciplinary construction team.
8. The student will understand the global nature of the construction industry.