Profile Department of MCVP (B.A Vocational)

1 Year of Establishment.-1997
2 Courses/Programmes offered.-B.A Voc Mass Comm(H)
3 Subjects Combinations Offered for B.A Voc Mass Comm(H) (H).- Mass Comm(H)+Any Two Eng,Hist,Eco,Pol.Sc.
4 Asst. Co-Ordinator.- Shri Santosh Kiro.
5 Number of Teaching posts sanctioned and filled.-05
6 Number of Administrative Staff.-01.
7 Number of Technical Staff.-01.
8 Number of Students (Male) in course year wise.- Ist-18, 2nd-21,3rd-20.
9 Number of Students (Female) in course year wise.- Ist-28, 2nd-24,3rd-32.
10 Ratio of Teacher to students.-1:28.
11 Ratio of Teachers to Research scholars.-Nil.
12 Number of research scholars who have obtained their master’s degree from other institutions.-Nil.
13 Number of teachers in academic bodies of other Autonomous Colleges and Universities.-Nil.
14 Latest revision of the curriculum (year).2009.
15 Number of students passed in NET/SLET etc. (last 5 years).-Nil.
16 Success Rate of students.-100%.
17 Demand Ratio (No. of seats : No. of applications).-50:600.
18 Awards and recognition received by faculty (last 5 years).-Nil.
19 Faculty who have Attended Natl./Intl. Seminars (last 5 years).-Nil.
20 Number of national/ international seminars organized (Last 5 years).-Nil.
21 Number of teachers engaged in consultancy and the revenue generated.-Nil.
22 Number of Ongoing projects and their total outlay.-Nil.
23 Research projects completed during last five years & their Outlay.-Nil.
24 Number of inventions and patents.-Nil.
25 Number of Ph.D theses guided during the last five years.-Nil.
26 Publications by faculty (last 5 years).-nil.
27 Number of Books in the Departmental Library, if any.-1531.
28 Number of Journals/Periodicals in the departmental library.-02.

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