St. Xavier's College, Ranchi

St. Xavier's College, Ranchi is a Minority Educational Institution based on religion which is established and maintained by the Ranchi Jesuit Province of the Society of Jesus. The College is registered by the Ranchi Province under the local title 'Xavier's Ranchi' under the Society's Registration Act XXI of 1860.

The Society of Jesus is a Christian Religious Order founded by St. Ignatius Loyolo in 1540. Since its foundation, the Jesuit Order, inspired by a Gospel vision of human beings and their destiny, has contributed to the Christian service of education throughout the world . This vision drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Chirst gives Jesuit educational institutions a recognizable character and sets before their management, staff, students, parents and the community high ideals of life and service which will inspire them continuously to strive to meet the emerging needs and challenges. St. Xavier’s College is an educational institution, which strives to prepare men and women who will build a more just and humane world. It strives to attain an intellectual endeavour that focuses on critical and creative thinking, with the aim of social transformation. The College makes a preferential option for the marginalised mass and it seeks to give an all round formation, inculcating both human and spiritual values. Competence, compassion and commitment are the hallmarks of a human person we seek to encourage.

St. Francis Xavier

St. Xavier's College, Ranchi, is named after St. Francis Xavier, one of the founding members of the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits. A Jesuit saint of the 16th Century who travelled to India, Francis Xavier, born Francisco de Jasso y Azpilicueta (7 April 1506 – 3 December 1552) was a pioneering Roman Catholic missionary born in the Kingdom of Navarre (currently Spain-France) and co-founder of the Society of Jesus. He was a student of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and one of the first seven Jesuits, dedicated at Montmartre in 1534. He led an extensive mission into Asia, mainly in the Portuguese Empire of the time. He was influential in the spreading and upkeep of Catholicism most notably in India, but also ventured into Japan, Borneo, the Moluccas, and other areas which had thus far not been visited by Christian missionaries.Read More

NAAC Result
  62nd Executive committee of NAAC

62nd Executive committee of NAAC, held on January 5th 2013 has announced the reaccreditation result of the St . Xavier's College, Ranchi and has accorded with a Grade 'A' and Dept of Education with Grade 'B'. UGC has conferred on St. Xavier's college the status of "College with potential for excellence" in 2015. The institution is very much aware that the dimensions and quality of education keeps on changing with time and quality cannot be assessed by a single yard stick. Rather it can be monitored through the change in national and global trends in teaching and research. It is important for any centre of higher education to know that true service lies in imparting education, inculcating moral values and motivating young minds towards research for the future not only of our country but of the entire world. The NAAC has developed certain measures for continuous improvement of the quality of higher education. Read More

Autonomy Management Affiliation
In recognition of its service and to increase its efficiency still further, autonomy has been conferred on St. Xavier's College with effect from July 2005. In the autonomy setup, this college has autonomy in the matter of - Framing its course of studies; Arranging for instruction to the students; Devising methods of evaluation, examination and tests, pertaining to the admission of the students in the college and award of degree/diploma by the Ranchi University.
The Ranchi Jesuit Provience administers St. Xavier's College through a Governing Body whose Chairman is the Provincial, Vice Chairman is the Rector of the College and Secretary is the Principal who is also the Chief Executive of the Governing Body.
The College is an autonomous college of Ranchi University. It offers I.A.I.Sc./I.Com. courses under the Jharkhand Academic Council, B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./Vocational Degree Courses, Post Graduate courses and B.Ed. under the autonomous system.
Principal's Message (Rev. Dr. Fr. Nicholas Tete, s.j.)

Congratulations to all the undergraduates and postgraduate students on completion of their studies at St. Xavier's College, Ranchi ! Your graduation marks the culmination of all the hard work you have put through your life as a student. Enjoy it, savour it and bask in the delight of achieving your goals. You have made us proud. College opened your mind to a world of possibilities. Now open your mind to the impossible. Life isn't too different from college. You'll face victories and defeats; you'll make new friends and new enemies along the way; people who will support you, people who will disown you. Read More

St. Xavier College, Ranchi was started by the Ranchi Jesuits Society called (Society of Jesus) a Christian Religious Order founded by St. Ignatius Loyola in 1540. Inspired by this vision the Jesuit Order in India has been active in the field of higher education serving the nation in the context of plurality of religions and diversity of cultures. Across the world, the Society of Jesus, is responsible for over 1,865 Educational Institutions in 65 Countries. In India, the Society of Jesus, runs 153 High Schools, 38 University College, 14 Technical Institutes and 5 Business Administration Institutes. The college has evolved into a nationally ranked, multifaceted and co-educational institution. To promote a society based on love, freedom, liberty, justice, equality and fraternity. Read More

St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus was born in 1491, as the last child of a large Basque family of Spain. The name of Loyola came from the ancestral castle that was the family heritage of St. Ignatius. According to the traditions of his family, Ignatius was trained to arms and to the etiquette of court life. He was badly wounded in a battle with France. As he lay convalescing at Loyola, he read the Gospel Narratives and the Lives of saints and was inspired to follow Christ by giving up all worldly ambition and trappings of power and embracing a life of poverty, sacrifice and service after the example of these saintly mentors.    Read More


Ever since its creation, the Ranchi Jesuit Society is engaged in multiple ministries—education, pastoral, social justice, human and tribal rights, spirituality, etc. As of now there are 10 Commissions trying to take the mission-vision of the Province forward. In the last few decades Ranchi Province has undergone a transformation from a mission province to a missionary province and spread its wings in Africa, Cambodia, Egypt, Guyana and Israel. In the Indian sub-continent itself, Ranchi Province has expanded to Assam and the Andamans. The Province has some presence in national and international houses. The India Desk is also trying to consolidate the relationship between Ranchi and Belgian Provinces. The efforts for the beatification of Father Constant Lievens are in progress.    Read More

An appeal to all the alumni to donate generously for the proposed projects.

St. Xavier's College, Ranchi enjoys a favorite place in Jharkhand for pursuing higher Education. It is the most popular and sought after college for students. In the year 2005 the college was granted autonomy and in 2006 college was accorded by the UGC with Potential for Excellence status.

In a few years from now, St. Xavier's College will become deemed university or Unitary university. The project of the government of India, particularly the Ministry of Human Resource Development under "Rastriya Uchchtar Shiksha Abjiyan" will grant deemed university status. In view of future university status, the college is planning to build 7 stories building. The project includes- Academic Block, Administrative Block, Girl's Hostel and a Guest House. The donors can sponsor one or more than one classrooms or conferences room. The college will respect the intentions of donors and name the class rooms as per the wish and desire of the donors. Those who donate small amount, even their names will figure in a plaque among the list of donors. The project is likely to begin next year 2016.  

College News
Students who failed in the End-Sem Exam of Sem-V held in Dec 2016 may appear the supplementary exam of Sem V to be held a week after the completion of Sem -VI Exam of April/May 2017. They should submit exam form alongwith exam fee latest by 30th March 2017.
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